Technical Support

1、Scientific research results

nterprises in research and development, quality assurance, manufacturing technology, cost control, and made great progress. The company currently has research institutes, can be asphalt damping board, butyl damping plate, epoxy reinforcement board and other auto parts synchronization development. The use of advanced research and development tools and means, with the simultaneous development of research and development capabilities.


2、Scientific research

When your inverter starts to function, we will provide you with the service from the aftermarket staff and the technical team at ease. Our warranty can be chosen in a modular way. Throughout the European and Australian regions, we are able to ensure maintenance within 48 hours, 72 hours.

The company has established a research institute, has formed a team of high-tech, management experts composed of one professor, nearly 10 senior engineers, three foreign experts, four researchers and nearly 20 technical staff.

3、Development capability and core technology