Warranty terms

Warranty terms

1. To ensure compliance with national laws and regulations on quality and regulations, to comply with the" People's Republic of China Product Quality Law "" defective automotive product recall management regulations "" household car product repair, replacement, return liability "and the relevant provisions of customers The

2. Improve the quality assurance system, in 2004 through the German Rhine company ISO / TS16949: 2002 quality management system, and in the operation and management process continues to improve.

3. Strictly in accordance with the "product quality planning and control plan" and "production parts approval process" requirements, as well as customer special requirements for product development design and production approval work.

4. Positive on-site problems corresponding, received customer feedback 2h there are field service personnel to the scene to deal with the problem;

Quality goal

1. The quality of the supply of non-performing rate of less than 58ppm, process product failure rate of less than 0.3 ‰, customer satisfaction is higher than 95%; bad cost of sales ≤ 0.2%.

2. Detection (test) accuracy rate of 100%

3. Detection (test) timely completion rate of 100%

Quality policy

1. fair, scientific, accurate, rigorous and timely

2. Continuous improvement of the test (test) technique / method to ensure the quality of the test (test) and to improve the detection level.